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Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas

Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas is a hotel chain, which offers the most appealing guide to destinies in Peru.

“Aranwa” in Quechua means “legend”. A word that captures the history and myth, the charm and mystery, the beauty of nature and the sophistication of modernity; all of which can be experienced in a unique manner by guests in our hotels.
Within our collection, each hotel is different; thus, guests can have the best of each destination with the distinctive style of Aranwa, inviting them to discover, enjoy and relax.
The first hotel was opened in October 2008: Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness, located in the Urubamba Valley – on the banks of the Vilcanota river. This hotel was built in an area of 10 hectares, on the grounds of a 17th century colonial hacienda, which was completely restored preserving the original details of that time.
Since 2008, Aranwa has grown and now offers five destinations within Peru: Cusco, Sacred Valley, Colca, Paracas and Vichayito.


To provide hospitality and tourism services of the highest quality, as well as exclusive spa treatments appropriate to each destination, maintaining harmony with the environment and appreciation of local culture.


To become the leading brand in hotel and spa services in Peru.


  • Understand and respond to guests, exceeding their expectations.
  • Responsibility to our guests, employees, communities and environment.
  • Offer health through our spa.
  • Culture, revaluating the legacy of our ancestors.
  • Customize each guest’s experience and apply it within the chain
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Health & Wellbeing

Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas belongs to the San Pablo Group – the largest private health network in Peru. The company has dedicated 19 years to care and protect the health of Peruvians, with highly qualified physicians, skilled support staff, top-of-the-art equipment, and modern infrastructure. Read more about CHSP.

During this time, the group has acquired the necessary medical knowledge and service standards needed to launch a product that not only is about rest and vacations but also about wellbeing and health, encouraging a healthier lifestyle through complementary preventive medicine to all our guests. Furthermore, Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness is the first hotel that has a hyperbaric chamber, offering full oxygenation and recovery treatments, fatigue reduction, removal of skin blemishes and wrinkles, among others.

Also, using all the medical know-how and technology, the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness Spa offers several made to measure wellness programs. These programs offer aesthetic benefits (such as our beauty programs), as well as medical packages (such as weight control or cardiovascular recovery). Read more about our programs.

For more information, contact us.


One of the principles of Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas is reassessing the legacy of our ancestors. For this reason, the proposed Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness includes the remodeling of a traditional house of the Sacred Valley, the old Hacienda Yaravilca.

To highlight the richness of Peruvian culture, the hotel has in its pre-Inca art gallery exhibition of paintings of the Cusco School, and documentaries in the cinema. In addition, it exhibits a permanent exhibition of works by famous Peruvian, such as José Sabogal, Enrique Camino Brent, Martin Chambi, among other artists. Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel also features a permanent art exhibition.

As part of the dissemination of culture, the San Pablo Group has published 3 books that show the rich heritage of our history, “Gods and men of La Libertad,” a chronicle of the liberteñas traditions; “The snow apu” which portrays a range of images of cusqueñas parties Qoyllur Rit’i and Corpus Christi, two of the most important religious celebrations in the southern highlands of Peru; and “La Virgen del Titicaca”, which portrays the celebration of one of the most important festivities in southern Peru: the feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria.

For more information, contact us.

Social Responsibility

The knowledge and management skills of the Aranwa staff are used for the benefit of the community. Work is divided into 3 pillars: Philanthropy, Social and Environmental Welfare and Conservation.

  • Urquillos Medical Center

    In 2010, we established a Medical Center in Urquillos to provide health care not only to that community, but also to the surrounding communities.

    This center has the support of the San Pablo Group, which has the largest network of clinics in the country; and whose experience has enabled us to offer excellent medical services to these families.

    Both the volume of attendance, as the type of specialties offered at the center, have been evolving since the day the center was opened.

    We keep working with the aim of reaching more families in need, so they can have a better quality of life.

  • Medical Care and Social Assistance

    Due to heavy rains that lashed out the Imperial City in February 2010, Aranwa and the San Pablo Group implemented a medical tent with a group of specialists and nurses who conducted the necessary medical work, especially in the towns of Huayllabamba and Huicho.

    For the benefit of the flood victims, the San Pablo Group (comprised of Aranwa Hotels Resorts and San Pablo hospital complex) sent food, canned goods, blankets, clothing, and other items that were assigned to the Province of Ollantaytambo.

    2011: The effects of rainfall were not as bad as in 2010; however, in some months the temperature decreased to such an extent that resulted in a phenomenon called “frost”. Many plantations and animals died, and many children developed respiratory diseases. In order to improve the living conditions during the winter, Aranwa organized a clothing drive for communities living in rural areas. Aranwa workers in Lima, donated winter clothes, coats, and blankets to the Q’eros community, which is located in the Department of Cusco, and maintains a precarious lifestyle similar to Inca times, completely isolated from contemporary life. The purpose of this drive was to help those who must often endure these severe frosts due to the location of their community.

    Aranwa has not only focused part of its social responsibility programs within Peru, but has also collaborated in international aid programs, such as “Relief in Japan”, promoted by the Preferred Hotel Group.

    2013: The Cusco Boutique Hotel staff voluntarily visited the children of the rural community of San Sebastian de Cusco. They brought warm clothes, food, toys and an evening of joy for these children who are children of alcoholic parents, and who also suffer the consequences of the harsh weather during the final months of each year.

    Aranwa along with other companies purchased Fundades Christmas cards 2013, which helped to raise the necessary funds to continue with the social development projects specifically aimed at children with disabilities and in extreme poverty.

  • Welfare and Community Work

    Nearby communities and the local school were given access to the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness´ Internet system. With thanks to new towers, mobile reception and communication has improved and increased in the area. Since there are no public phones in Urquillos, we have asked the service provider to implement a phone booth so the community can benefit from this basic service.

    Thinking of the social and economic development of the people, activities and courses related to our spa concept were conducted. The first course “Social Extension of Spa Protocols and Techniques” was held from 6 to March 31 of this year, and it was addressed to the settlers of the District of Huayllabamba, and the people (living in the communities of the District: Urquillos, Huayoccari, Huycho and Raqchi) who wanted to be trained in this innovative craft. Currently, 4 out of 15 group members are working independently in high season, 1 works as utilitarian, and 2 as interns. In this way we have met our goal of providing a working tool, as well as development opportunities.

    With the approval of the President of the Urquillos Community, we have organized training sessions for children of the community in activities such as folk dancing, singing and musical instruments, hence enabling them to provide and receive for these services at the hotel.

  • Environment and Conservation

    Over 200 trees were planted to strengthen the riverbanks and preserve the local flora.

    Electricity demand was reduced using solar energy for outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pools on the terrace of the Presidential Suite and the Lake Suite of the Sacred Valley; as well as for the Spa swimming pool in the Colca.

    Shopping bags of the hotel gift shop are now made of recycled paper.

    Rainwater is used to fill the interiors lakes of the Sacred Valley hotel.

    A bio-garden of fruits and vegetables supply most of the demand of the Pukawi Restaurant.

    The Unno Spa uses organic products (made from natural formulas and organic extracts). The packaging of these products is recyclable and biodegradable.

    Also, we promote environmental and conservation practices amongst our guests, such as encouraging them to reuse towels and sheets during their stay, in order to save water, waste separation, etc.

  • Conservation

    We promote observation tourism of marine species in a responsible manner, working closely with organizations like Blue Whale Foundation.

    We support the Blue Whale Foundation carrying out educational and awareness campaigns for the conservation of marine species, especially of humpback whales, dolphins and sea lions, which are easy to spot from our coast.

    The campaigns that we have supported and participated in with the Foundation since 2012 are:

    – Peru, Country of Whales

    – Dolphins Just Around the Corner

    – Wolf, What Are You Doing?

    2012: Campaign: Peru, Country of Whales

    We provided financial support for the production of promotional materials: flyers, banners and t-shirts.

    Participation of Gabriel Alvarez in the 1st Conference on Whale Conservation and Ecotourism in Latin America held at the Universidad Científica del Sur.

    2013: Campaign: Dolphins Just Around the Corner

    We provided financial support for the production of promotional materials: flyers, banners and t-shirts.

    – Campaign: Peru, Country of Whales

    We provided financial support for the production of promotional materials: flyers, banners and t-shirts.

    Logistical support: We provide accommodation and meals for 2 researchers at the Vichayito hotel during the months of August, September and October.

    We funded the participation of FBA in the XI Buenos Aires Group Meeting in Colombia on Whale Conservation and Promotion of Observational Tourism.

    We provided logistical support for the filming of ¨Giants´ Path¨ to be broadcasted in: Mistura, Salazar Park (Larcomar), Jockey Plaza, UCSUR and Talara.

    Broadcasting at the Cinemark Jockey Plaza

    Campaign: Wolf, What Are You Doing?

    Joint participation in promoting the Paracas Hotel at the Cinemark Jockey Plaza.

Our Team

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