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  • Conservation in Vichayito

    Vichayito Bungalows & Carpas is fully committed to supporting nature conservation and promoting responsible tourism. With this in mind, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Sea Turtle Conservation Network, run by the “EcOceanica” association. During the months of December and January, we were lucky enough to discover that our beach was being used for the first time by sea turtles as a nesting site. Our team received training and learned how to monitor and protect the turtles’ nests, which were home to hundreds of young turtles.

    The activities that will be undertaken as part of the agreement will include regular informative presentations for our guests and the local community. All members of staff have been trained to identify turtle tracks and to distinguish between different species, so that they can report their presence immediately to EcOceanica, enabling the registration and birth control of the local turtle population. Staff members will also act as local spokespersons for the protection of these beautiful species.