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Law Nº 29733 on Protection of Personal Data
In compliance with the provisions of Law N° 29733, Law on Protection of Personal Data and its Regulations, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated in the databases of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS chain, in order to meet the purposes described in this Policy.

Definition of personal data and sensitive data
Personal data means any element that enables to identify, through reasonable means, the holder of the personal data. According to the legislation on the matter, personal data could mean a name, date of birth, age, DNI number, email address, among others.

Sensitive data means the personal data that, according to the legislation on the matter, contain information that requires a higher protection level by the persons or entities that handle them. Some examples of sensitive data are salary amounts, biometric data and those related to health, opinions, or religious or political believes, emotional life and others established by the law.

ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS may collect personal data and sensitive data through our website, email and phone channels. Personal and sensitive data will be stored in the corresponding databases.

When entering your personal data in the website, you warrant the truthfulness, accuracy and validity thereof.

If the user provides us with inaccurate, wrongful or false personal data, ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS will not be able to contact the user for the corresponding purposes.

The personal data provided may be used to perform statistical studies, send information on products and services of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS, by electronic means, phone calls or written correspondence, as well as to share information with other entities, in order to carry out activities related to the nature of your reservation and the services retained with the hotel chain.

The purposes for which your personal data are obtained through the website of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS are the following:
a) Be able to identify the customers that communicate with us and provide a timely and personalized service.
b) Keep a close communication with customers in time.
c) Send commercial communications related to the services of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS.

If the treatment of the personal data is required for other or additional purposes to those for which they were obtained, ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS will contact the user and obtain their consent after having informed them about the new purposes of the treatment of the data.

Preservation term
Personal data will be preserved for a sufficient time period to meet the purpose for which they were obtained or for a term established by the specific mandatory rules regarding the preservation term. Once the personal data preservation term has finished, we will proceed with their digital or physical destruction, as applicable.

Users may cancel their personal data at their sole request through the mechanisms established in this Policy, provided that there is no legal provision that states otherwise.

The free, previous, express, unequivocal and informed consent of the users who are the holders of the personal data is indispensable for the treatment thereof. ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS does not treat personal data which do not have the valid consent of the user who is the holder thereof. ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS will always inform the user before the collection of their personal data about the purposes for which they will be treated.

The user acknowledges that when providing their information and accepting the corresponding conditions established in each web form, they are granting their express consent for ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS to treat their personal data according to the purposes described in each web form.

If the data of a minor are required for their treatment, they will be requested to the person who has the custody of the minor and he/she will be asked to give his/her consent for the treatment of the data of the minor. If it is found that said data correspond to a minor without the consent of the persons who have the custody, the treatment mentioned will not be given.

All the personal data treated by ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS are considered confidential, being this obligation applicable to all the collaborators, employees and persons or companies with whom ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS shares the personal data for the performance of the service or delivery of the information required by the user.

ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS releases itself from any liability for the breach of the confidentiality commitment by the persons or companies to which the personal data of its users are transferred in cases imputable to these third parties.

Transfer of information to third parties
In the provision of certain services, ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS may provide the personal data to its related companies or strategic partners related to the performance of the service that will be provided. If it is required to share the personal data, this situation shall be informed to the holder of the personal data and his/her consent will be obtained prior to the transfer of the personal data.

In compliance with the legal rules, judicial and/or administrative orders, ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS may transfer information of its users to the corresponding governmental authorities.

Security measures
ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS has implemented the security measures required by the legal rules and agrees to treat the personal data as confidential information in order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure and ensure the appropriate use of information.

ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS is not liable for the losses of personal data information that could occur when the user transfers the information to the servers in which the website is hosted and the email accounts of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS through his/her computer or mobile.

Information rights, Revocation and ARCO
Users may exercise their Information Rights, Revocation and ARCO approaching the offices of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS, and for that purpose there is a form that the user may obtain in the offices of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS and that the user must complete for the exercise of the right invoked by him/her.

Users have a series of rights regarding their personal data, contemplated in the legislation on the matter, which they may exercise at any time, depending on their willingness to do so, which are mentioned below:

  • Information: Right of the holder of personal data to be informed about the purpose for which his/her personal data are being treated, as well as the addressees thereof and the database where his/her personal data are stored.
  • Revocation: The user may revoke his/her consent given for the treatment of his/her personal data at any time, without a previous justification and without retroactive effects.
  • Access: The user has the right to obtain the information regarding his/her personal data subject to treatment, as well as regarding the method, reasons and conditions of their collection.
  • Rectification: The user may request the correction of the data which are wrong or inaccurate or false.
  • Cancellation: The user may request the removal of his/her personal data from the databases of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected, the term of their treatment had expired, the user had revoked his/her consent or when they are not treated according to the legislation on the matter.
  • Objection: The user is entitled to demand that his/her personal data do not be treated or be no longer treated when he/she has not given his/her consent for that purpose or when they had been obtained from a source of public access. When the user had given his/her consent, he/she may object the treatment of his/her data for supported and legitimate reasons.

If he/she is representing the holder of the personal data, the user must submit a letter of attorney with authenticated signature and provide his/her personal information, as well as the information of his/her principal, following the instructions in the corresponding form.

Use of cookies
ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS informs of the sending of cookies to the computers of mobiles of the user, every time the website of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS is visited. ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS will give the information obtained through cookies the same treatment that it gives to the information of personal data.

The purposes of the collection of information through cookies are the same for which personal information is collected. The information collected through cookies will be transferred to third parties within the same limits of the personal information. ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS will keep this information secure according to law and will consider it also as confidential. Users have the same rights over the information collected through cookies than those over the personal data granted.

Users can disable most of the cookies that are sent to the computers and mobiles by changing the default configurations for their navigators and operating systems. Disabling the cookies in your navigator could cause that ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS does not offer personalized contents to its users.

Social networks
ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS uses social networks to provide a full navigation experience to its users, however, it is not liable for the information contained in the social networks which the user may access through the website of ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS.

The social networks in which both ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS and the user participate have their own privacy policies, which all the users of those networks must comply with. For the abovementioned reasons, we recommend you to review the Privacy Policies of the social networks to be sure of agreeing with them.

In addition, ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS releases itself from any liability arising from the incorrect operation and/or the inadequate use of the social networks, the falseness of their contents and the illegality of the way how they were obtained, as well as for the damages that could be caused by the publications in these networks, being solely liable the users of the social networks that have performed those actions.

ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS may send commercial communications to the users who have accepted it, also complying with the legislation on Unsolicited Commercial Email-SPAM. Reference: Law 28493 and its Regulations, approved by Supreme Decree 031-2005-MTC.

Changes in the Privacy Policy
ARANWA HOTELS RESORTS & SPAS reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy whenever it may deem it necessary and pertinent, without any previous notice to the users. We invite you to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to keep updated of the changes made.

Should you have any doubt, comment or question regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Address:          Calle La Conquista 150, Santiago de Surco – Lima, Peru
Phone:                         +51 (1) 207-0440


Last update: January 01, 2017